Saturday August 01 2015
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REX Baseball is a wood bat league for college players to develop their baseball skills over the summer. The REX is one of hundreds of teams across the country that recruit players from all 50 states, Canada, South America and Puerto Rico. The REX is part of a 12 team league called the Prospect League, which started in 2009.


  • Doris Brown and Theresa Arnold, in REX shirts, present Dans GM, Jeanie Cooke, a package of REX Roasters Hotdogs.
  • First Half Prospect League West Division Champions. 20-6, click to read more
  • Click to read more.
  • Jammers, REX in Opening Summer Ball Rankings for more
  • REX's Bruce Rosselli on Inside Indiana Business
  • The apparel shop, get your REX Gear
  • Winner of the Bike. Call about gameday giveaways.
  • REX Decks - Click for details.
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