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February 17, 2019 5:30 PM EST

The Face of the REX J.T. Jeffries Joins Indiana Pacers Staff

TERRE HAUTE, IN- Wabash Valley native, Jacob (JT) Jeffries, for many years a familiar face in Terre Haute Rex Baseball, has accepted a position with the Indiana Pacers. Jeffries is most noted for the enthusiasm he brought to the ballpark as he worked enhancing the fan experience.

While on staff at with the Terre Haute Rex Jeffries completed his Master's Degree in Sport and Recreation Management at Indiana State University. Jeffries was referred to the Rex by friends of the organization Brock and Rachel Leslie. This referral led to season after season of what Jeffries describes as "interaction with one amazing team in the Prospect League."

He credits former General Manager Casey Degroote, present General Manager Bruce Rosselli, Human Resource Director Jeni Wright, and Owners John Newton and Brian Dorsett, for allowing him to have the 'green light' to create and execute promotions that helped develop an energized fan base. Jeffries continues, "The Terre Haute Rex understood that fan support is critical to the game. Working to enhance the fan experience is my passion! When the sports enthusiast brings the family to a sporting event we need to be able to engage the entire family." Jeffries explains how getting fans to actively participate during games not only builds brand loyalty it also gives that extra satisfaction that consumers are looking for when they spend that hard earned cash for game tickets. "For me, it's personal. Seeing the smile on the little one's face as they run out on the field with a player, the pride as someone from the community sings the anthem, dizzy bat with water balloons or just interacting with folks as they watch the game-that's what's it's about!"

The experience with the Terre Haute Rex, including two years as the Prospect League Champions, opened many doors. Former Athletic Director at Indiana State, Ron Prettyman, was introduced to Jeffries at a Rex game and offered an opportunity to bring the passion to Indiana State during the Rex off-season. Jeffries was able to continue to pursue his passion while completing his education. His accredits his recent employment with the Pacers to the opportunities and networking he was able to develop within the Rex organization.

Bruce Rosselli, co-owner and general manager of the Rex said, " We wish J.T the best and are happy that he has moved on to the pro ranks, but we will miss him all the same time."

Jeffries responsibilities with the Pacers are within Consumer Sales.

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