Friday April 03 2020
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Listen to the REX Baseball games here with Jerry Arnold by play broadcaster.

The REX radio streaming audio pregame show will start 15 minutes before the actual game time. Clicking BEFORE this time will NOT get anything.

Let's play ball...Click here to Listen.

NOTE: This link only works during game time.

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A Very nice Thank you to our very own Jerry Arnold:

Would you pass this message to Jerry Arnold. Thanks for the "shout out".

I grew up in New York City in the 50's and had the privilege of watching the Dodgers, Giants and Yankees and the numerous all stars .

The Yankees announcer was Mel Allen....the voice of the Yankees!! A HALL OF FAMER!!

Jerry: you are right there with him! (Today's announcers are AWFUL!!!; major league announcers)

God has blessed you with a talent. I can close my eyes and listen and feel I'm sitting in the stadium!!

Thank you for making my Rex experience a pleasure.


GRANDPA (Eugene Marshiano)



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